Producing more homes resurrecting empty properties

In August 2020, we partnered with the London based charity Thames Reach to deliver some innovative programmes launched by The Mayor of London, designed to address the ongoing issue of rough sleeping and the recent rise in individuals fleeing domestic violence, for which we are working with the charity Solace Women’s Aid.

The rough sleeping programme is being funded and supported by the Mayor’s Rough Sleeping Accommodation Programme (RSAP) and the domestic violence programme is being funded and supported by the Move On Programme.

Thames Reach are identifying individuals sleeping rough on the streets of London, whilst Solace are identifying individuals fleeing domestic violence. Both organisations make referrals to us to identify suitable accommodation to house them. We provide an overall property service that includes management, rent collection and maintenance.

We have put in place appropriate procedures to ensure each cohort group’s affairs are handled sensitively. Both Thames Reach and Solace are also providing ongoing floating support to help individuals from both cohort groups.

I am glad to report that we have been successfully delivering these projects and to date have housed over 100 individuals that were sleeping rough and over 10 individuals fleeing domestic violence.