Producing more homes resurrecting empty properties

Guaranteed Return

We pride ourselves on making property management simple, therefore we have designed rent guarantee schemes where we manage the hassle, whilst our landlords enjoy the return.

Our objective is simple:

“To make it hassle-free for landlords to rent their property”

Our key geographic areas of operation are in London and Greater Manchester (England, UK)

Contact us today:

London: 020 8826 2800

Manchester: 0161 241 1341


Guaranteed Rent Schemes

One of our most popular scheme with landlords. Some of the key benefits are detailed below:

  • 3-5 year Lease Schemes
  • Competitive rents paid
  • 100% rent paid during void periods
  • 0% Commission or Fees
  • Periodic property inspections
  • Free management
  • Lease schemes exempt from landlord licensing

Management & Maintenance

We provide a professional service to all our landlords.

Benefits include:

  • Monthly property inspections
  • Property licensing not usually required
  • Holistic support service for all of our tenants
  • 24 hour maintenance team
  • Assistance offered with property refurbishments

Development Opportunities

As a leading provider of social housing we are always keen to explore opportunities that can produce more housing.

If you have an opportunity you want to discuss, please get in contact, and ask for our Investment and Development desk.

Property Purchasing

We are not an estate agent however we will explore opportunities to make a property purchase if we believe it can serve social housing purpose.

Please get in contact and ask for a member of our Procurement team to discuss a property sale.