Producing more homes resurrecting empty properties

Our Purpose

“Provide immediate housing for the most vulnerable, today.”

To remain one of the leading providers of housing to the local authorities in London and Greater Manchester through the provision of high-quality properties sourced from our ongoing relationships with responsible landlords.

Below are examples of how councils in London and Greater Manchester are working with us to find innovative solution to some of their statutory duties:

Temporary Accommodation

A core part of our business is to procure properties that councils can use to meet their varying housing demands.

We provide councils with properties that can be used for temporary accommodation, nightly accommodation, bed and breakfast accommodation and private sector leasing.

Housing Asylum Seekers

We are one of the preferred sub-contractors, delivering Home Office contract to house people seeking asylum in the UK.

We are part of a multi-disciplinary set of services, facilitating the housing of people seeking asylum. The service includes meet & greet, introduction to local services, and translation service.

Empty Properties

We have worked with councils and owners/inheritors of empty properties with a view to bringing them back into use for the purpose of social housing.

Our Empty Property Resurrection Fund, launched in September 2017, has helped fund many an empty property back into use.

Housing Rough Sleepers

We are working in partnership with the GLA and London councils to house people sleeping rough on the streets of London.

Domestic violence has recently been on the rise and one of the resultant impact is more vulnerable people sleeping rough.

Contact us today and we can explain how we can get involved or click here to read about some of our schemes.