Producing more homes resurrecting empty properties

Nearly 900 of the most vulnerable and displaced people in the country have found shelter during the Covid-19 crisis, thanks to emergency support from Cromwood and our partners over the past weeks.

Since the pandemic lockdown began in March, Cromwood has worked hard with the Home Office, local authorities and landlords across London, Greater Manchester and several other locations to secure more than 860 spaces for homeless families, rough sleepers and asylum seekers who have nowhere else to live.

From houses to large hotels – and even a converted building in a former RAF base – we have sourced beds, food and support for some 426 asylum seekers, 222 rough sleepers and 214 homeless people.

An appreciative senior manager at one of our Greater Manchester councils said: “We could not house all our rough sleepers without the help from Cromwood Group. Thanks again, much appreciated – keep it up.”

Cromwood CEO Moses Hirschler commented: “While many organisations have been forced to close their doors during the past weeks, Cromwood has worked with the government, local councils and landlords to open up options for some of the most vulnerable people in our society.”

He added: “Cromwood was originally set up to address a housing crisis – so it is important to us that we should be using our experience and commitment to support those in need during this global emergency. We are also very grateful for the support and understanding given by the many local communities where we are operating, as we seek to help so many people who have been displaced during this worrying time.”

Appropriate health and safety guidance is being provided ­– as it has been across all our housing portfolio – with both staff and residents given training around social distancing and handwashing.

Efforts are also being made to help those who have been displaced feel welcome and cared for – from special medical services to early morning catering arrangements during Ramadan. “Some asylum seekers have arrived here from another country during one of the holiest times of the Islamic year,” explained Abdus Saleh, Cromwood’s Head of Investment & Development. “We have been happy to cater for their request for food to be provided before sunrise – in this case at 3a.m. in the morning – so that they can eat, pray and get ready to fast for the rest of the day until sunset. We have also provided areas where they can pray during this holy month, whilst observing social distancing.”

Expressing their gratitude in a Thank You card given to the Cromwood team at one of our properties on the VE Day 75th Anniversary, one asylum seeker wrote: “Thanks for your support, for looking after us and for making this journey less heavy for us… I give thanks to God because now we know we’re not alone.”

Your help can save lives

Cromwood is committed to providing housing for the most vulnerable in society and keen to hear from other local authorities and landlords who would like to work with us. We are actively looking for all types of properties, especially large B&Bs and/or hotels, so please get in contact with us, particularly if you have properties that we can use in London and the Greater Manchester area.