Producing more homes resurrecting empty properties

The impact of coronavirus was felt by all industries and delivery of services was inevitably affected. Many businesses suffered; leading to some to closed down, others struggled to continue as they are, whilst a few flourished, however all had to adapt in order to continue.

We continued to deliver our services, to house homeless individuals and families, those sleeping rough, those seeking asylum and those fleeing domestic violence. We made amendments to our policies and procedures in adherence with government guidance and protocols.

One of the key changes we made was to reshuffle the property ‘patch’ or portfolio of properties, that are allocated and looked after by our housing managers. After consultation with our housing managers, who cover designated geographical areas, we created new property patches that are aligned and complimentary to each of the new designated housing manager’s home residence. This re-allocation of patches increased the efficiency at which our housing managers:

  • Can attend to a maintenance call out
  • Can carry out a housing inspection
  • Can turn around a void property, ready for use again

This strategic change allowed us to provide a better service to tenants (i.e. service user) and provide further re-assurance to landlords that their investment is being looked after and in safe hands.