Producing more homes resurrecting empty properties

We recognise the added value that greater partnership working brings to the vital housing services we provide and the communities we serve.

For circa 20 years we have been in this sector delivering quality social housing and management services to vulnerable cohort groups through partnerships with local authorities and The Home Office. It is this experience and knowledge that allows us to deliver excellence in this field, solve complex housing related problems and increase public budget efficiency.

We have been successfully building partnerships since our inception and we continue strongly to deliver in our commitment to work closely with all our partners so that we can continue to house more individuals sleeping rough on our streets.

The title of this post is “ending rough sleeping through lasting partnership” and we would like to show what this looks like as we believe it is something amazing!

For a partnership to be successful and for it to last, it must have some requisite qualities, a common cause and for it to be different; we detail below what we believe are the qualities of our lasting partnership.

  • Our common cause

Our common cause is to ultimately end rough sleeping.

Our partnership is an agreement to collectively get together, based on our individual defined skills, and provide solutions that will end rough sleeping; the solution being the availability of long term accommodation.

  • Our partners’ skills

The GLA is good at nurturing good ideas that will provide long term housing solutions through grant funding. They provided grant funding for us to acquire long term accommodation for individuals sleeping rough on the streets;

BAE are good at making socially responsible investments. They provided the crucial investment, debt funding, to purchase properties that can be used to house rough sleepers;

Thames Reach are good at helping and supporting individuals that are sleeping rough on the streets. They identify, provide support and refer individuals sleeping rough, for us to house and accommodate.

How we are different?

Our partnership is different simply because we all accept what we are good at and try not to be all things to all people.