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Cromwood Housing Ltd
22nd February 2022

Cromwood Housing Ltd announces the appointment of 4 new Board Members
These new board members bring a wide variety of expertise including finance, housing, media and PR that will help the organisation reach new heights.

Cromwood Housing Ltd appointed four independent board members to the ‘interim advisory’ Board of Cromwood Housing Ltd in its inaugural board meeting held at their London offices on 8th February 2022. This brings the number of board members to seven.

New board members Nigel Davies and Samuel Scharf have deep experience in housing at senior level, they both are familiar with all aspect of housing including the provision of accommodation, local authority partnerships, tenant engagement and regulatory obligations and adherence.

Nigel spent most of his working career at Bromley Council reaching Executive Director of Environment and Community Services. Samuel spent most of his career with housing associations in his capacity as director of housing and director of communities and sustainability.

Glenn Arradon is a social banking professional who spends his expertise helping social businesses deliver social impact through sound investment.

Tim West is an experienced PR and Media professional advising businesses on the protocols to best promote and defend their organisations. He takes a keen interest in businesses delivering social impact through social investments.

“Nigel, Samuel, Glenn and Tim will all bring a great perspective”, said the CEO Moses Hirschler. “Cromwood Housing Ltd is ready to grow as a registered provider of social housing and all of these guys have unique expertise that will help propel the organisation”.

About Cromwood Housing Ltd

Cromwood Housing Ltd is a registered provider of social housing and as such is regulated by the Regulator of Social Housing. Cromwood Housing have been providing housing to accommodate vulnerable cohorts through partnerships with local and central government including the Home Office.

The core cohort groups are homeless individuals, rough sleepers, those seeking asylum and those fleeing domestic violence.