Producing more homes resurrecting empty properties

Our vision for 2022 continues from where we started in 2021; “to provide a place someone can call home, where they can rest, receive support and plan for their future”.

We continue to judge ourselves through the social impact we make by providing housing to those that are homeless,  sleeping rough, seeking asylum and those fleeing domestic violence.

We continue to serve our social purpose through the delivery of our mission to provide vital housing to those in need. During the pandemic, we believe this essential service potentially saved the lives of many vulnerable people including those sleeping rough.

Last year saw Cromwood take big steps towards helping accommodate rough sleepers in London with the launch of an innovative property purchase model, enabled by Greater London Authority (GLA) grant funding and funding from socially responsible investors.

We acquired 135 homes last year through such a financial model. These properties were made available to individuals sleeping rough on the streets of London through our partnership with Thames Reach – an organisation working closely with rough sleepers, helping them get back on their feet and make a fresh start. This model has paved the way for us to help more people through the delivery of other exciting property schemes.

“The individuals we house can finally feel safe and secure in a place they can call home; where they can manage their health & wellbeing and ultimately plan for their future.” Kevin Murphy, Head of Housing at Cromwood Housing Group.

Housing continues to play an important role during these unprecedented times, and we continue to work in partnership with local authorities, the Home Office and charity organisations to provide this vital service.

COVID-19 has re-defined how we work, how we interact with each other and most importantly how we live our lives. This had (and continues to have) a huge impact on the homeless population in London, in particular those sleeping rough on the streets of the city. According to the GLA this vulnerable group is “more likely to have underlying health conditions” and “far less likely to be in a position to follow many aspects of Public Health guidance”.

We have seen tremendous growth in our activities and ultimately in our ability to help more people through the provision of housing.

We continue to invest in our workforce and our delivery chain to ensure they can provide the best services to our tenants. This included the recruitment of incredible new team members, covering both the London and Manchester offices.

Our investors continue to support us in our efforts to deliver essential housing. We want to acquire more properties and deliver housing to more vulnerable individuals. We want to engage with investors and partners to develop & structure further property funds tailored to produce healthy returns whilst helping to house people made vulnerable by homelessness.

This is our commitment in 2022, work with us to end homelessness.