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25th May 2023 Fund launched to support struggling tenants

Cromwood Housing Group has set up a hardship fund for tenants who are struggling to keep up with their rent.

The initiative is designed to support those making the transition into full-time work who no longer qualify for full Universal Credit as well as those who have run into difficulties as a result of the rising cost of living.

Tenants who have taken steps to reduce their rent arrears by setting up a payment plan will receive help from the new fund. It means that once a tenant has halved their arrears, Cromwood will provide a grant to cover the remaining balance.

“Our hardship fund provides a one-off payment that’s given to those who are keeping the lines of communication open and trying their best to get their lives back on track in the midst of the current cost of living and energy crisis,” explains Mohammed Rahman, rents and assets manager.

“Having housed rough sleepers, the last thing we want is to see them get evicted because they can’t afford to pay their bills, buy food and pay any rent arrears.”

So far 15 households have received support and it’s expected the fund will assist around 100 tenants every year with average grants standing at £750.