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Cromwood Guidance: Safeguarding against Coronavirus COVID-19

Government has determined housing solutions to be a critical service and therefore constantly requiring attention. As an agent providing properties to local authorities and managing servicer users, we are doing our very best, in this difficult time, to continue normally.

We are constantly re-evaluating our services in light of guidance provided by the government and NHS to ensure compliance, best practise and reduce the chances of COVID-19 spreading.

Detailed below is a guidance with respect to changes we have made to our services to protect our staff and our service users:

Property Inspections and Maintenance

With immediate effect, all our routine property inspections and maintenance are SUSPENDED until further notice.

Only property inspections and maintenance, identified as Category 1 will take place, subject to it being safe to do so. Category 1 maintenance includes:

  • Health and Safety (threat to)
  • Uncontrollable Leak(s)
  • No Hot Water
  • No Power
  • No Heating
  • Emergency Drainage (e.g. blocked toilet)

Void Turn Around

Void turn around will still take place as per normal operation procedure, by the designated housing officers.

Service User Move-In

ALL service user move-in will be conducted via key boxes located at the property. The communication with the service user will be via phone.

PLEASE NOTE: All guidance issued by Cromwood is in line with guidelines provided by the UK Government and the UK National Health Service (NHS).

For further guidance please visit the NHS website dedicated to COVID-19:

You can also call NHS 111 to seek medical help and advice.