Cromwood Housing was the company through which Cromwood started back in 2002 by the founding directors. It has grown to be one of the leading providers of social housing with local authorities in London and Greater Manchester.

Today we manage a large portfolio of landlords’ properties that have been placed with local authorities to provide social housing solutions for temporary accommodation, nightly accommodation, bed and breakfast accommodation and private sector leasing arrangements. We are also managing properties on behalf of various local authorities i.e. their own stock of properties.

Our objective is simple:

To make it hassle free for landlords to rent their property


To provide local authorities with properties to meet varying housing demands.

We do this by carefully matching the landlord’s property profile, rent level desired and the period they want to let the property for with the local authorities needs for particular property type i.e. 2 bed flat, the rent they are happy to pay for such a property and the period they require the property for.

Once we have matched the landlord property with a local authority scheme, we will execute a lease arrangement with the landlord that will detail amongst other specifics:

  • How long the lease period is; and
  • What the guaranteed rent level is

Under this arrangement we would be responsible for the management and maintenance of the property for the duration of the lease, giving the landlord peace of mind.