Producing more homes resurrecting empty properties

4th Dec 2023 Martha’s story: ‘It’s perfect’

When Martha’s landlord sold up, she found herself in a long queue for rehousing. She explains what it means to have a roof over her children’s heads and a[…]

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14th Aug 2023 David’s story: “It is my security, it is home”

During lockdown, David was taken to a Croydon hotel where he felt isolated and uncared for.  He explains why his Cromwood home has given him plenty of reasons to sing. […]

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24th Mar 2023 Bill’s story: “It was life changing – I’m a lot happier”

Former rough sleeper Bill is now the proud occupant of a flat where he can start to rebuild his life, see his grandchildren and plan a brighter future. Just[…]

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