Company History

Cromwood was set up by two entrepreneurs in 2002 who wanted to be the catalyst to changing the housing crisis in London with a view to expanding to other geographical areas in the future.

Cromwood was founded to ‘plug the gap’ in the housing market by providing local authorities with properties to meet varying housing demands, and landlords with a quick and easy solution to renting their property without any hassle or complications.

15 years of continued success and experience in housing, through the provision of accommodation, property management and maintenance, has positioned Cromwood uniquely in the market place today with strong relationships with local authorities in London, Greater Manchester as well as the Home Office.

We are an approved supplier of social housing to various local authorities including the Home Office. Due to this continued success we have seen a significant increase in our portfolio of properties and an increase in demand for various types of properties in new locations such as Liverpool, Kent & Central Bedfordshire.

Our Goals

Our goals are driven by our ambition to be successful whilst maintaining our commitment to help society and the community. We strive ourselves on leading the way for delivering excellence through honest hard work.

Our goals are as follows:

  • Lead the innovation in social housing provision and creation
  • Provide simple and hassle-free property management & maintenance service to Landlords
  • Be a key deliverer of social housing to local authorities
  • Be successful through the creation of social impact

Our Offices

Our success has led to the expansion of our operations up north covering the Greater Manchester area. Cromwood today has two key operations, one based in Stamford Hill covering all of the London authorities and the other based in Manchester City covering the Greater Manchester authorities.

Head Office

1a Holmdale Terrace
London N15 6PP

020 8826 2800


Our team

We have over 20 years of experience in managing properties, raising finance for developments and delivering social housing. Our teams are made of housing officers, empty property experts, procurement officers, accountants and private bankers and visionary entrepreneurs seeking to constantly innovate.

Moses Hirschler

Chief Executive Officer

Charged with moving the company forward with his leadership and vision, ensuring the company delivers results in line with its goals and aspirations.

Moses set up Cromwood over 15 years ago and has considerable experience of managing properties both in terms of development, management and maintenance. He is always exploring opportunities to work with local authorities, central government as well as other organisations to bring about affordable or social housing.

Moses Lorincz

Chief Financial Officer

Charged with looking after the overall financial operation of the company including financial assessments of current operations and future acquisitions.

Mr Lorincz (as we like to call him), like Moses Hirschler has considerable experience and expertise in property development and management, whilst Moses Hirschler concentrated on developing the company and its operations, Moses Lorincz concentrated on creating the company structure and financial standing so that Cromwood can flourish and prosper.

Mendy Stern

Head of Operations

Charged with managing the day to day operations of Cromwood including the overseeing of new properties available to let, tenant management and liaison with local authorities and landlords to negotiate new tenancies.

Mendy has brought his wealth of experience to Cromwood and ensured that we are at the forefront when it comes to working with local councils and private landlords in delivering social housing accommodation.

Abdus Saleh

Head of Investment & Development

Charged with securing investments from financial institutions and government bodies whilst concentrating on the expansion of Cromwood operations through new ventures and opportunities such as the empty properties market.

Abdus brings to Cromwood his experience from the investment banking industry as well as the social enterprise industry so as to guide us through the next phase of our expansion.

Our Partners

We like to call people and organisations working with us as partners because without them it would be hard to deliver our goals. These range from local authorities to banks to skilled individuals.

Local Authorities:

We work with local authorities by offering properties they can use for housing homeless and people in need through temporary accommodation, nightly accommodation, bed and breakfast accommodation and private sector leasing.

Banks and Funding:

We work with various financial intermediaries that share a common goal with us, which is to deliver more social housing and therefore work with us with respect to funding projects such as the empty properties scheme and general development schemes.

Legal services:

We work with various law firms on matters relating to probate, administration of estates as well creating contracts relating to empty properties, development projects, as well as advising on general matters such as Lease arrangements and property conveyance.

Surveyors and Valuers:

One of the key component of any property based project and we have strong working relationships with a few surveyors and valuers who have worked with us on matters relating to property appraisals such as conducting various types of surveys and valuations as well as providing general advice and expertise.

Project Managers:

We have in place project managers who can complete projects from start to completion including onsite management of contractors.