It is estimated that around 700,000 empty properties are in the UK according to local authority council tax data and that an estimated 4.5m people are on the housing waiting list. There are around 22,000 empty properties in London and an estimated 180,000 people on the housing waiting list. London authorities typically are spending an estimated £500m to house people in hotels and B&Bs where social housing isn’t available.

Under Cromwood Social we will concentrate on producing more homes through the resurrection of empty properties as well as concentrating on other opportunities that deliver social housing and create social impact.

Our aim is:

  • Delivering social housing through the resurrection of empty properties.
  • Long term commitment to solving London’s housing crisis.
  • Delivering social impact through innovative housing solutions.
  • Ongoing commitment to partnership work with the London Councils and GLA.

Our Empty Properties Scheme is an example of how we are striving to meet and deliver on our aims listed above. We firmly believe that when we bring back into use an empty property we have also made a huge impact to the owner of that empty property both financially and emotionally. Often properties are left empty (i.e. not sold or refurbished) because of emotional attachments.