How we work

We pride ourselves on making property management simple and hassle free. Therefore we have designed a 5 step process that will allow any landlords to work with us.

Step 1

Landlord with vacant or recently purchased property contacts us seeking guaranteed rent.

We get contacted by landlords of all types; seasoned professionals with a large portfolio of properties to first time landlords who purchased their first investment property. Some need hand holding whilst others need direct or competitive rent; whatever the need we have the experience and expertise to provide the service.

Step 2

Our dedicated Procurement Manager sits with landlord and discusses the various options available.

Given the shortage of social housing today, Landlords who want to make their properties available to local authorities have a wonderful array of options to explore and decide. Deciding on a particular scheme can depend on rent levels offered, length of lease, local authority location, type of tenant etc. We aim to help the Landlord make informed decisions.

Step 3

We inspect property, get all certificates in place (e.g. gas, electricity, EPC and insurance) and arrange any repair works on their behalf.

Each property we take on must have all necessary certificates in place for letting purposes, where these are not in place or out of date, we will arrange this on behalf of the Landlord.

Step 4

Once landlord agrees on a particular scheme, we arrange all the necessary paperwork for completion.

The Landlord completes a lease agreement with us. We complete a tenancy nomination with the relevant local authority based on the scheme agreed with the Landlord, arrange tenant moving in date, and appoint a housing manager to manage the property upon start of tenancy.

Step 5

Tenants move in and Lease starts. We manage property and the landlord enjoys the rental income.

Our housing managers will ensure tenants have moved in, give them a tour of the property, pointing out all the main facilities, give them their contact details and hand over keys.

We make monthly inspection visits to ensure the property is being maintained and all requirements are met by tenants and the property. Our housing officers are available to manage tenant enquiries such as managing a repair as well as dealing with various aspects of complaints such as noisy neighbours.